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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: ACI with self and posixAccount
Date Tue, 01 May 2007 20:25:26 GMT
Hello Martin!

Martin Marcher wrote:
> The second thing is that LDAPStudio won't show a posixAccount or
> posixGroup objectClass, was it dropped in 1.5 or am I doing something
> wrong? I'll be happy to provide details but I'm not too proficient
> with ldap right now.

First of all, posixAccount is still part of the schema elements which 
are shipped with ApacheDS. You found it in the nis.schema which is 
located in the schema-extras project of the ApacheDS source.

If you browse the schema entries with an LDAP server (Base DN 
cn=nis,ou=schema), you will find posixAccount here:

Your problem is not related to LDAP Studio. The same holds true for 
Softerra LDAP Administrator and JXplorer as well. You have to enable the 
NIS schema explicitly. Simply set the m-disabled attribute value of the 
"cn=nis,ou=schema" entry to FALSE. You have to reload the schema in LDAP 
studio to see the effect in the Schema Browser.

I hope that helps, Greetings from Hamburg,
     Stefan Z.

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