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From "Martin Marcher" <>
Subject Re: [Press] We need a minister of propaganda
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2007 16:31:46 GMT

On 4/5/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
> (3) coming up with new ideas on how to increase Directory product uptake

don't know if I was just to blind to find it but a really good thing
would be to have apacheds with a schema for open-xchange (OX). This
way is not  direct marketing but there would be a company with a large
user base (it seems OX is the most widespread groupware when looking
at google results)

Ok this is not exactly an issue for the apacheds dev to do _but_:

* I'm evaluating this option right now myself :)
* embedding apacheds in OX would have a lot of peoples attention imho,
when looking at the forums you get tons of references to people having
problems with the ldap setup there.
* admittedly I have no idea about the code quality of OX since I just
started evaluating it, but from a users point of view it seems to be
the most feature complete

anyway I'm absolutely unexperienced with marketing and such stuff. My
point of view is that if I have the choice and won't find an easy way
to have the schema available I'll probably stick with openLDAP. It's
not always about features but also about ease of use.

I just started looking a bit deeper into LDAP and don't have enough
knowledge so this may be a stupid idea or very well already possible
but with openLDAP being very wide spread I think there should even be
some way tool that you feed an scheme that is available for openLDAP
and get a scheme that is usable for apacheDS (the more general
approach would which would maybe make even more sense, possibly even
something generic so that you can create apacheDS schemas from an
arbitrary source with it)

I guess I got a little OT here but I hope my point is clear, which
would be make it as easy as possible for users to switch to apacheDS.
And another important thing is please do promote LDAPStudio it's imho
a really great tool. I used JXplorer before and it just doesn't do any
more now that I worked a bit with LDAPStudio.

oh and make the installer work for OSX :). currently it doesn't offer
not to install /etc/init.d/apacheds which makes it quite useless
(subjective) since

 * you can't do non-root installs for evaluation purposes
 * OSX has a totally different approach of starting things

Martin Marcher

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