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From "CORUM, M E [AG/1000]" <>
Subject RE: [ApacheDS] 1.5 Kerberos Support and Custom Attribute in Schema
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 13:09:17 GMT

I now have SPNs and UPNs working.  It turned out that they were just
attributes.  I did have to add the objectCategory class but so far it
has gone well.  I also have a query working to find out the members of a
group (had to add the AD-specific "group" attribute but "member" was
already there.)  I'm now working on testing my client for getting a list
of attributes for the user/account and for adding users to groups.


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From: Enrique Rodriguez [] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2007 10:12 PM
Subject: Re: [ApacheDS] 1.5 Kerberos Support and Custom Attribute in

On 4/23/07, CORUM, M E [AG/1000] <> wrote:
> ...
> I now have 1.5 working with some basic (very basic) Kerberos stuff.
> able from a JUnit test to log on and verify that a different
> account/user is valid.  Before I go on to explain my next issue, I
> should explain what I'm trying to accomplish.

I'm happy to see you're progressing.  I know the config is a bit
convoluted but we have a better story in the works which will
hopefully coincide with doco that isn't "hidden."

> ... we'd like to set up a test environment on our
> local machines that simulates AD as closely as possible for the
> of this client code we are writing.

I would like to work closely with you to make Apache Directory
"simulate AD as closely as possible" for purposes of "testing." ;)

All kidding aside, this is interesting work, but I really need to
focus on the "Realm Control Initiatives," since they are prerequisites
for an actually useful Kerberos server.

> My next step after verifying accounts (which I can do now) against
> ApacheDS is to verify the SPNs.  In Active Directory, an SPN is a
> "servicePrincipalName" attribute that can have a list of values
> (aliases) for the service that the account represents.  When I try to
> add a "servicePrincipalName" to a user in my kerberos.ldif file (for
> loading on startup), the startup fails to load the ldif file with the
> following error:
> ...

Yeah, this is classic LDAP here.  Instead of adding attributes to the
schema we use for Kerberos it makes more sense to create a new schema
and put the 200 or so AD attributes in there.

> Can anybody help with adding an attribute to the schema or set of
> schemas that ApacheDS uses?

Numerous people here should be able to help with schema setup and
probably there's some doco (I work off unit tests).  The issue closer
to home for me is getting the Kerberos protocol provider to work with
SPN's since this requires a new store implementation against a
different schema than the one we're using.  But, it's straight forward
JNDI programming.  Stores aren't pluggable now but we have techniques
for that.


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