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From Damien Tougas <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Having problems with schemas in 1.5
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 13:01:58 GMT
Hello Emmanuel,

Thank you very much for your quick reply.

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:

>> I was able to open the schema in LDAP Studio and export it to an LDIF. 
>> The first problem I encountered was that the exported LDIF had a typo 
>> which caused the import to fail. The typo was in this section (note 
>> the spelling of "matchingRules" in the dn):
>>     dn: ou=macthingRules, cn=moz, ou=schema
>>     objectclass: organizationalUnit
>>     objectclass: top
>>     ou: matchingrules
> Hmmmm. This should not be a problem. OU are not supposed to be case 
> sensitive, so matchingRules or matchingrules or even MATCHINGRULES 
> should work.

The problem has nothing to do with case sensitivity, it is a spelling 
error. "macthingRules" should be spelled as "matchingRules".

>> To deal with that problem I simply removed the syntax length 
>> definitions from the exported LDIF (i.e. removed {128} etc.) and did 
>> the import again (I first had to delete the schemas partition 
>> directory in order to be able to do this, I am not sure if there is a 
>> better way...).
> This is an option. You could have deleted the entry too, with 
> LdapStudio, for instance.

Using LDAP Studio was not an option because the directory server would 
not start because of the schema exception being thrown.

Damien Tougas

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