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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Having problems with schemas in 1.5
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 06:56:12 GMT
Damien Tougas a écrit :

> Hello,
> I am in the process of checking out the directory server for the first
> time. I am by no means an LDAP expert, but so far I like what I am
> seeing here. 

Thanks ! I hope that we won't deceive you at the end ;)

> My end goal for this testing is to create a shared address
> book using the mozillaAbPersonAlpha schema:
> I was able to open the schema in LDAP Studio and export it to an LDIF. 
> The first problem I encountered was that the exported LDIF had a typo 
> which caused the import to fail. The typo was in this section (note 
> the spelling of "matchingRules" in the dn):
>     dn: ou=macthingRules, cn=moz, ou=schema
>     objectclass: organizationalUnit
>     objectclass: top
>     ou: matchingrules

Hmmmm. This should not be a problem. OU are not supposed to be case 
sensitive, so matchingRules or matchingrules or even MATCHINGRULES 
should work.

> Once that was fixed, the import worked without any errors.

Ah, so you mean that importing such an entry (with matchingrule in it) 
caused an error? If so, this is a bug.

> The next problem I encountered was the fact that the directory server 
> didn't know what to do with the syntax lengths. This problem did not 
> show up when I did the import, but it caused exceptions to get thrown 
> when re-starting the directory server.

Ohho... Another problem which needs investigation...

> To deal with that problem I simply removed the syntax length 
> definitions from the exported LDIF (i.e. removed {128} etc.) and did 
> the import again (I first had to delete the schemas partition 
> directory in order to be able to do this, I am not sure if there is a 
> better way...).

This is an option. You could have deleted the entry too, with 
LdapStudio, for instance.

> After doing all of that, everything appears to be fine. I cannot, 
> however, see the mozillaAbPersonAlpha object class show up in the list 
> when trying to add a new entry using LDAP Studio. Is there anything 
> else I need to be doing in order to make this new schema active for a 
> particular partition?

Ok, I think we gonna have to test it. Give us a couple of hours, and 
you'll get an answer.


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