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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Embedded with Partitions
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 14:04:19 GMT
Brit and Katherine a écrit :

>It's Brit. Had to use an old yahoo account because my
>Lotus Notes kept defaulting to text/html.
Damn Yahoo! They add some advertizements at the end of each of your 
mails, so they have to pass through a moderation (as I'm a moderator on 
this list, this is ok, except that it takes time ...). (Who cares to be 
a PS3 game guru, anyway ??? ;) Ok, I will accept your address so your 
mails won't be moderated anymore.

>The Unit Test example seems helpful. I am going to
>take the Java code and add it to the StartStopListener
>class in the embedded example. Is there any issue with
>this code running each time JBoss is restarted?
Hmmm... Can't really tell... I blindly guess it should be ok. The only 
problem I can see is that stopping the server means writing the latest 
modified entries to the disk, which is something that could take some 
time, but the shutdown is handling this. That's not really the case when 
you kill -9 jboss... And even then, you have an option to tell the 
server to write data on disk on every modification: on the 
MutablePartitionConfiguration instance, call setSynchOnWrite( true ) to 
allow a direct write to the disk without any delay.


>Be a PS3 game guru.
>Get your game face on with the latest PS3 news and previews at Yahoo! Games.

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