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From "Flavio Minori" <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Password refresh
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 09:16:00 GMT
Hi all,
I am devoloping my own application and I use Apache DS 1.0.1 + Spring +
When I need to update the userPassword attribute, I use something like this:

BasicAttribute userPasswordAttribute = new BasicAttribute("userPassword");
ModificationItem replacedPassword = new
ModificationItem[] modificationItemArray = new ModificationItem[1];
modificationItemArray[0] = "newPasswordString"; try {
} catch (DataAccessException e) { ...

This works right, but every time I need to restart APACHE DS because finally
I understood the APACHEDS simple authenticator uses a cache.

For me possible solutions are: 

1) invalidate this cache from the server.xml configuration? How can I do?

2) use my own authenticator that extends the SimpleAuthenticator .. just
remove 2 lines about cache check .. but I need to rebuild it all .. 

Best regards,


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