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From Wayne Johnson <>
Subject Loading initial database with ldifDirectory
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2007 20:40:25 GMT
I have ADS 1.0.0, and I need to load our initial database info with ldifDirectory.  I've set
up the following in  server.xml:

  <bean id="configuration" class="">
    <property name="ldifDirectory">
    <property name="ldifFilters">
        <bean class=""/>

I see in the log that it finds the file and reads it, but it says there are 0 entries added:
INFO   | - Loaded 0 entries from LDIF
file 'C:\\Program Files\\QNami\\jetty\\ldif\\mqsoftware.ldif'

Am I missing something?  The LDIF loads via JXplorer with no problem.


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