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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: JDBC/Derby backend
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2007 21:07:37 GMT
Hi Juergen!

Juergen Weber wrote:
> Well, IBM's LDAP Server for z/OS does use DB2 as backend and it's very 
> fast.

The same is true for this product on other platforms (IBM Tivoli 
Directory Server is available for Solaris, Windows, ...). A major 
advantage is that the LDAP server inherits some nice DB2 properties 
(high availabilty features, distribution) especially on AIX.

> Of course you have to map hierarchical data structures to tables but
> IBM showed that this is possible.

ApacheDS architecture is quite flexible and allows you to extend the 
server with your own partition implementations.

We had several questions about a JDBC or Derby partition the last 
months. From my point of view it would be nice to have a JDBC partition 
(reasonable/performant or not), for instance as an example on how to 
write your own partition.

Unfortunately, our resources are limited (all volunteers). Currently 
ather things have a higher priority. But contributions are always 
appreciated. Perhaps you would like to share your experiences with 
ApacheDS on z/OS, as well.

Greetings from Hamburg,


Stefan Zoerner (
Apache Directory Project
Committer :: PMC Member

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