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From Pierre-Alain RIVIERE <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS non US-ASCII DN manipulation?
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 18:17:51 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Well, I was wrong. What I wanted to say is that the filter is looking 
> for :
> member=cn=Pierre-Alain 
> RIVIERE,ou=Peoples,ou=Paris,ou=Offices,dc=ippon,dc=fr
> and there is no entry with this value, hence the exception.
The result is the same even if you process a search over an existing entry.

"(&(member=cn=Bad Eékà,ou=Paris,ou=Offices,dc=ippon,dc=fr)" +

"(&(member=cn=Good One,ou=Paris,ou=Offices,dc=ippon,dc=fr)" +

And even if "member=cn=Pierre-Alain 
RIVIERE,ou=Peoples,ou=Paris,ou=Offices,dc=ippon,dc=fr" does not exist 
ApacheDS should not throw NPE.
> I have the same pb... Looking...
> Sorry, I did the test while fixing many differnet other things, so the 
> bumpy
> feeling you may have...

No problem, you seem to be a busy guy ;)

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