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From "Juergen Weber" <>
Subject Re: DS on z/OS
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 21:13:17 GMT
On 2/12/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> At this point, a question would be : what can we do to guarantee that ADS
> can be distributed as a package running on z/OS. The problem is that we
> don't have IBM computers nor z/OS system available to do some tests.
> I would suggest that you propose a patch for the scripts and server.xml to
> make them z/OS friendly, so that we can test it on Linux/Unix platforms.

Well, from a (pure) Java point of view z/OS is just a usual unix, the
only exception being that default IO encoding is EBCDIC. But if you
set the system properties I gave the VM runs in ascii and everything
is the same (almost as the XML problem shows).

But generally, if a Java program runs fine in an IBM JDK in Linux or
Windows, it should run on z/OS with Ascii IO, too.

IBM JDKs are at
for Windows you can download DB2 Express-C, it contains a 1.5 level JDK

As for the native starter, we shall see. Usually C code will port, too.

I am not a great friend of the graphical installer, I very much prefer
Tomcat's tar -xf installer.
A server should install without a gui. z/OS Java does support X, but
contrary to IBM's lore the CPU's are much slower than Pentiums an CPU
time is shared between lots fo users. E.g. an openldap configure and
build takes at least an hour...
So a resource-inintensive install would be very much preferable.

> This patch should not break our current packages, so it will have to check
> the local system to set some properties. It might be necessary to handle the

I am not sure if I understand this, could you give a pointer, where
this check happens?

> server.xml encoding through a little bit of sed (we still have to check the
> reason why z/OS does not support UTF-8 on top of the server.xml).
> Do you think this is something you can do? Otherwise, I guess you will have
> to handle your own post-installation modifications...

I can try.


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