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From "Juergen Weber" <>
Subject JDBC/Derby backend
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2007 20:50:59 GMT
On 2/7/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:

> >> Has anybody tried a Derby backend for ds?
> BTW I inquired about using Derby with Debrunner a few years ago at an
> AC.  He basically stated that it would be a bad move since Derby would
> be challenged to deal with hierarchies.

Well, IBM's LDAP Server for z/OS does use DB2 as backend and it's very fast.

Of course you have to map hierarchical data structures to tables but
IBM showed that this is possible.

This OpenLdap FAQ
entry more or less discourages from an SQL backend.
But in this same FAQ entry Kurt Zeilenga gives a link to an IBM paper
describing their database backend which quotes good performance (which
matches our user experience with the z/OS LDAP server).

A JDBC backend for DS could combine fast Java network and data
structure handling with a fast Enterprise DBMS.

For embedded use Derby should serve well.

End of '05 I ran some transaction tests against Derby and got about 20
TX/sec on my PC which seemed very fast to me.
As transactions are not very important for LDAP servers, only read
performance would matter.
It would definitely be interesting to have numbers for Berkeley DB
(which of course is not relational).


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