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From Jayaram Achar K <>
Subject invoke multiple operations with same request object
Date Sat, 17 Feb 2007 09:15:48 GMT


          How to invoke multiple operations with same request object.

          All i want to do is call function1 and followed by someother
function(say function2 depending on situation) with one request from Axis
client to Axis server.
          I feel that can be done using multiple envelope message (?) if yes
How to proceed with . Any code snippet /link /doc will be of great help.

         some more explanation:
      call.invoke() invokes a operation(function) associated with call
object  over a request object.
      the same way i want to invoke multiple operations with one request
object( with single call to invoke  or if any way to associate multiple
invoke with same request

      please let me know at the earliest.. Thanks in Advance..


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