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From "Keesjan van Bunningen" <>
Subject RE: Help with attributeType entryUUID
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2007 10:36:00 GMT
Thank you for your help this far.

I resolved the issue with the missing matchingRules for entryUUID by
adding the rules programmatically as you suggested. (BTW, I couldn't use
the alternative solution because I didn't know where to find the 1.5
branch of Apache schema. Is this publicly accessible anywhere?!)

As expected, I now run into a similar problem with an unknown
attributeType entryCSN. I can resolve this in the same way, but
unfortunately I don't know the proper syntax. Searching the Net only
provided me with a partial result:

"( NAME 'entryCSN' DESC 'change sequence number

I assume that this is also part of the solution in the 1.5 branch. So my
preference goes to using the updated Apache schema instead of me further
tweaking the schema myself (easy as it may be).

Any help is much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Keesjan van Bunningen

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Alex Karasulu [] Namens Alex Karasulu
Verzonden: zaterdag 20 januari 2007 0:51
Onderwerp: Re: Help with attributeType entryUUID

Keesjan van Bunningen wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed ApacheDS and loaded my custom schema as explained here:
> Currently, I'm trying to do an import by ldif file, but this fails due
to an unknown attributeType entryUUID
> Unfortunately, when trying to add this attributeType to my schema the
parsing fails, because I'm still missing the required matching rules
used by the attributeType.
> I'm at a loss how to resolve this issue and was wondering whether
there's actually a readily available schema out there that contains the
entryUUID attributeType?
> If not, how do you declare a matching rule (and matching rule use)
entity in your schema (including any additional dependencies) ?

We've added entryUUID by default in the 1.5 branch to the apache schema.

  This will always be in entries starting from 1.5 and up.  It's needed
for replication and other things.

You can add matchingRules for it easily.  Just take the matching rule
producers generated by the schema plugin for your custom schema and add 
the MR to it programatically.   Look at other MatchingRuleProducers that

are in the core here like this one to see how:

Note that if you take the generated class in target/generated-sources
and copy it into the src/main/java/path-to-package directory it will no
longer be generated by the schema plugin.

This is because the schema plugin will check if you have a customized
producer and not overwrite or try to replace it with an empty one.

You will need to add a Comparator and a Normalizer for your new matching
rule too.  See the respective SystemCOmparatorProducer and
SystemNormalizerProducers.  These things register comparators and
normalizers for pmatchingRules using the OID of the matchingRule they
are associated with.


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