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From Pierre-Alain RIVIERE <>
Subject Re: Re: ApacheDS non US-ASCII DN manipulation?
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2007 09:34:37 GMT
Thanks for quick reply Emmanuel ;)
> Pierre-Alain RIVIERE wrote :
> > Hi everyone,
> Hi Pierre-Alain, 
> > 
> > I'm working on a project where I have embedded an Apache DS for testing 
> > purpose.
> That's a good news :)
Let me first clarify this point. I think I was misunderstood when I 
spoke about embedded ApacheDS. The real use case is the following :
I'm working on an application that needs to access an LDAP directory. 
For unit testing, I wanted a LDAP server that can be controlled from my 
unit tests. So I found ApacheDS and each unit test really starts the 
server, made a context available, and load test data. Then each unit 
test access the server as if they access another LDAP server.

I just clarify because I think you understand that I'm using ApacheDS 
API directly.

> > In my unit test, I'm trying to launch a request like this one
> > 
> >     "(&(member=cn=John
> >     Doe,ou=Peoples,ou=Paris,ou=Offices,dc=ippon,dc=fr)(objectClass=ipponGroup))"
> Seems to be perfectly correct, at first sight. And at second sight, I confirm this is
a correct filter (and a correct DN)
> > Unfortunaly this request fails with the following stack trace
> > 
> >     Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
> >         at
> >
> Hmmm. NPE are never a good thing.
> > With the debugger I found that the concerned method - 
> > DnNormalizer#normalize(Object) - does not perform LdapDN dn 
> > initilization. Here the code :
> <snip/>
> Yeah, I think that we should throw an exception if the dn is not a String, a Name or
a LdapDN. But not a NPE...
> > In my case dn is null because value passed as parameter is a byte[]. 
> Ahhh. This is not a good idea to pass a byte[]...
I'm ok with that but I never pass a byte[] to this class. I never used 
it at all. Here the code I use to process a search into the directory.

            SearchControls controls = new SearchControls();
            NamingEnumeration<SearchResult> results =
              , searchFilter, controls);

> > Indeed, it seems that the case of DN containing non US-ASCII characters 
> > - my DNs may be composed with all characters used for (french) name and 
> > surname - is represented by ApacheDS with a byte[] - which can be used 
> > to construct a new String representation.
> Well, this is not true. In fact, if you are using an embbeded ADS, then you should pass
Human Readable data - like DNs - as UTF-8 strings,
> and all other values as byte[] - like JPegPhoto, for instance -.
> Passing a byte[] is not a option, because then we have no clue about which kind of encoding
an user has used to transform the String
> to a byte[]. For instance, let's assume you have a String, with french chars ( like 'é').
If your local encoding is UTF-8, then
> the transformation will generate a different byte array than if your local encoding is
> But as you can't tell the server which encoding you have used, there is no way it can
assume that you have used UTF-8 or something else
> (even if you used "UTF-8", as expected).
> So, basically, you should _always_ pass the filter as a String. If you use a Java string,
then be carefull about special chars. Don't forget
> that a java file will be stored using a special encoding on your system. It's better
to use the '\uxxxx' for special chars into your string, 
> this way this is guarantee that your string will be correctly transmitted.
> > 
> > Is ApacheDS fails to handle UTF8 DN or should I not use UTF8 DN? In the 
> > second case, is the LDAP protocol explicitly proscribe non US-ASCII DN?
> Apache DS handle correctly LdapString. UTF-8 byte[] encoded strings are just used to
transmit data from a client to the server
> and from the server to the data. The first thing the server does is to transform those
byte[] to Strings (for attributeTypes which are 
> Human readable)
> So, basically, never use UTF-8 encoded DN. 
> The Ldap Protocol does not handle anything but bytes. Rules for switching from Strings
to byte[] for DN are given in RFC 2253 (
> String transmitted through the Ldap Protocol messages are first transformed to UTF-8
encoded Strings (which are byte[], btw) and decoded before being handled.
> If you don't use the protocol layer, then there is no need to pass byte[] to the API
> I hope I was clear enough to be an help for you. Anyway, just consider that this is not
an easy matter (I have spent days to undesrtand how to 
> implement it into the server...)
> May be the API should also be changed to avoid such usage. I must admit that throwing
a NPE is, well, not good at all ;)
> Hope it helps,
> Emmanuel Lécharny
Thanks for this explanation. But is it applicable with the way I have 
embedded ApacheDS - in fact it's not really embedded, my tests just 
start the server and that's all -?


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