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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [WARNING] Big changes last night
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2005 15:04:02 GMT
Hi all,

Last night Enrique and I rearranged the repo to match our 
vision/strategy with plugging in different protocol providers into 
ApacheDS.  We will have several new protocols released in the next 
couple months with release after release.  So to support this without an 
explosion of the number of projects at the top level of our svn root we 
rearranged how we work with protocols.

New clients and shared

We created two new top level directories in our base:

We broke down the old ldap directory into the shared and clients pieces 
and its no longer there.  We are doing the same with Kerberos and will 
continue the trend with other protocols that snap into our newtork layer.

Moved protocols to protocol-providers

Now we renamed protocols to be more descriptive.  These are not just 
protocols but protocol-providers that snap into MINA.  So that's what we 
named it to.  We do not want people thinking protocols can mean for 
clients as well its only specific to the part that snaps into MINA.  The 
other shared libs and clients can go under shared and clients respectively.

MINA is our network layer

Previously mina was sitting inside the network directory at the top as 
another project with apseda.  We canned apseda and made MINA the network 
layer.  Basically the MINA projects trunk, branches and tags were moved 
up to the network directory.

Maven groupId changes

As you know we are not in the incubator anymore so we changed the name 
of our group id.  Actually we broke it up a bit and may continue to do 
so further.  Here are the new groupIds:


MINA, ApacheDS are in directory.  I recommend authx and naming create 
their oun groupId like directory-naming and directory-authx.  We 
probably will fragement a tiny bit more but I have no clue yet and have 
not given it further thought.

So this might break a few things for people.  Meaning if you are 
referring to the old incubator-directory groupId.  I purposely hosed the 
incubator-directory groupId to make sure people migrate to the new 
groupIds.  First off I did not want them behind the times witht 
snapshots going into new areas while their deps stood still in the 
incubator-directory/jars area.

Big changes I know but this hopefully stabilizes us now that we are out 
of the incubator.

Sorry if this causes an inconvenience to our users and everyone else.  
Once out of incubation we knew we had to bite this bullet.

    -- Alex

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