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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Sync up
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2016 05:11:27 GMT
Le 27/09/16 à 03:06, Zheng, Kai a écrit :
> An interesting idea indeed! Actually we Chinese have different naming scheme ... sure
it would be good when come to consider an English name, but that would only happen when it's
really needed, for example, being in a school with many foreigner boys and girls ...

Yes, I as just kidding , of course ;-)

I see that frequently, though, that chinese people pick an 'english'
first name when communicating with western people, probably to ease

Names and surname are very culturally loaded, and often means something
(which is kind of ignored in western countries, except for a few very
specific surnames), most of the time linked to religion. For instance,
Emmanuel means something like 'god is with us'. You bet it's deceptive,
knowing who I am ;-). My parent picked this name because I was supposed
to be born on december, 24th, and in christian religian, it's supposed
to be the day Jesus was born. Of course, I was born ays before, and I'm
an atheist, but I can't change my first name to something which would
mean 'god is not with me'... Some other surnames are not at all
religious, like Alexander (coming from ancient greek, and means
'defender of men' - alexin : to defend, andros : man).

For MINA, I suspect it comes from the Korean firstname, meaning 'elegant
and fast'... But we would have to ask Trustin, who created the framework :-)

We are all different, with different culture, and this is why this world
is *SO* interesting : you always have something new to learn from others !

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