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From "Zheng, Kai" <>
Subject RE: Kerby client library refactoring
Date Mon, 15 Feb 2016 01:44:27 GMT
Nice to see this after a long holiday. Thanks Steve! I would read closely into this and hope
to address them well late of today in addition to others' comments if any.


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From: Steve Moyer [] 
Sent: Saturday, February 13, 2016 5:34 AM
Subject: Re: Kerby client library refactoring


I've finally found the time to really dig into the Kerby client code with an eye towards adding
remote kpasswd and kadmin functionality. Today, we found what I believe to be the last area
where the Kerby client generates different packets than the MIT CLI tools. I've added a couple
more sub-tasks to DIRKRB-440 which will allow the KrbClient to set the list of encryption
types. I also think there's some refactoring to do around how the client builds the request
- the KOption and KrbKdcOptions are added into the request's options (which does make them
easier to pass) but then the requests need to read them back out. I think I'd prefer that
(at least as an option) we be able to build the request we want and call something like an
execute() method on the client. 

In any case, adding the remote kpasswd and kadmin functionality will require a small amount
of refactoring within the client code as well as setting up the class hierarchy in a convenient
way. I'd propose the following hierarchy: 

                                      | KrbClient (AS) |
                                         ^          ^
                                         |          |
                        +----------------+          +-------------------+
                        |                                               |
                  +-----------+                                +-----------------+
                  | KdcClient |                                | <Protocol> (AP) |
                  +-----------+                                +-----------------+
                     ^  ^  ^                                      ^           ^
                     |  |  |                                      |           |
      +--------------+  |  +-------------+                   +----+           +----+
      |                 |                |                   |                     |
+-----------+     +----------+     +-----------+     +---------------+     +--------------+
| KinitTool |     | KvnoTool |     | KlistTool |     | KpasswdClient |     | KadminClient
+-----------+     +----------+     +-----------+     +---------------+     +--------------+
                                                             ^                     ^
                                                             |                     |
                                                      +-------------+       +------------+
                                                      | KpasswdTool |       | KadminTool |
                                                      +-------------+       +------------+

Some important notes about where we would go from here:

1)  The kpasswd and kadmin specifications share a protocol but don't share commands.  I haven't
thought of a good name for the class yet so <Protocol> is the placeholder.  These commands
<use> a ticket retrieved via an AsRequest but the commands themselves are sent via ApRequests.

2)  The Kpasswd client should actually understand both the Microsoft and the "standard" variant
of the protocol, so there are actually two different request formats represent by kpasswd.

3)  Any class above that includes the word "Tool" uses the class above it (sorry about the
ASCII art).  Currently, the KrbKdcOption enum include flags for the Tool but SoC would suggest
that the arguments are a concern of the Tool itself.  I think it would also be easier to manage
argument parsing with args4j or commons-cli and that the English title of the flag should
also be moved out of the enum.

4)  We might want a base class for some of the tools as they do have some commonality.

5)  There's an AsRequest class defined in the client code as well as in the server code -
is there some reason these classes aren't shared?  If they simply represent the packet on
the wire, could they be shared?

6)  We don't have an ApRequest in the client yet, if we share the AsRequest with the server
I'd suggest the same be done for ApRequest.

We're planning to continue work on the Kerby Client on Monday but would like some input before
we "perform major surgery".  If you're interested, we could take on responsibility for the
client if that helps.

Have a great weekend,



“The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark
of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.” - Wilhelm Stekel

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From: "Zheng, Kai" <>
Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 7:29:20 AM
Subject: FW: Kerby client library refactoring

Sorry, was working on some other projects. My thought was instead of code that looks like

requestOptions = new KOptions();
requestOptions.add(KrbOption.USE_TGT, tgt); //requestOptions.add(KrbOption.SERVER_PRINCIPAL,
requestOptions.add(KrbOption.SERVER_PRINCIPAL, new PrincipalName("HTTP/freeipa.rhelent.lan@RHELENT.LAN",NameType.NT_UNKNO
WN)); requestOptions.add(KrbOption.FORWARDABLE,true);

I would think this would be more OO: 

requestOptions = new KOptions();

Could keep it backed by a set of options 

Agreed. This is fully compatible with the definition of all the KrbOptions enums, except thay
will not be visible by the end user. 
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