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From "Zheng, Kai" <>
Subject RE: About project site
Date Fri, 29 Jan 2016 06:31:50 GMT
Thanks Emmanuel for the details!


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From: Emmanuel Lécharny [] 
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2016 2:10 PM
To: Apache Directory Developers List <>
Subject: Re: About project site

Le 29/01/16 03:18, Zheng, Kai a écrit :
> I don't know the mentioned "CMS plugin" either. Would anyone give a hint? Thanks.

The CMS system in use at Apache works in two phases :
- first you commit your updates into SVN/git, and it is published on a staging site. You can
control the rendering before it gets visible to the world.
- then when you are happy with the result, you can publish it on the production site, using
a browser plugin

The description is on

Actually, it's not a plugin but a bookmarklet. This page
( explains how to install it (at the
bottom) :

"Please be sure to install the bookmarklet on your browser toolbar by either dragging and
dropping the ASF CMS <javascript:void(location.href=''+escape(location.href))>
link to your toolbar or by creating a new bookmark by either right-clicking on that link and
selecting "Bookmark this Link", or by opening a "New Bookmark" dialog screen from your browser's
menu and typing the following into the Location/URL field:


This link allows you to browse the staging site edit it from the browser, and more important,
to publish it. (I actually never edited the staging site from the browser : the UI is way
to crude ;-)

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