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From Tom Mueller <>
Subject Re: pkinit
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2015 19:54:42 GMT
Hi Jiajia, 

Thanks for the overview on PKINIT. Here's what I've been trying to help
understand this more.

To focus my efforts on the server, I wanted to start with a client that
works.  So I set up MIT KDC to do PKINIT and got that working. The MIT
kinit command that I used to get the TGT is:

kinit -V -X X509_user_identity=FILE:/root/client.pem,/root/clientkey.pem

Next, I changed the kdc address in the /etc/krb5.conf file to point to the
Kerby KDC and have been looking at what happens.

The KDC receives an AS_REQ with a single paEntry with data type
ENCPADATA_REQ_ENC_PA_REP (149). The Kerby KDC doesn't recognize this. I
tried adding the PkinitPreauth to the PreauthHandler class but that
doesn't change anything because it only recognizes PK_AS_REQ and

As I understand it, the PKINIT protocol is supposed to allow either of the

a) the client sends an AS-REQ with nothing, server sends back AS-REP with
certificate pre-auth required, then client sends AS-REQ with certificate

b) the client sends the certificate right away, knowing that the server
wants certificate pre-auth

At this point, I'm not sure if the MIT client is doing (a) or (b). It
appears to be doing (a) based on the absence of PA entries, which means
that the Kerby KDC has to send back an AS-REP that requests certificate
pre-auth. Presumably the decision to do this would be based on some
configuration data, such as a "no key" value in the principal's identity
entry or maybe a realm-wide config value (MIT KDC does the former). What I
don't see at this point is something in the Kerby KDC that will send back
the AS-REP that says pre-auth required rather than just issuing the
ticket. This would seem to mean that the KdcRequest.process() method has
to be changed or there needs to be an AsRequest.process method in the
server that handles this case.

Is this on the right track?


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