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From "Li, Jiajia" <>
Subject RE: state of KDC
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2015 07:42:43 GMT
Kerby Status Summary

Supported(done and almost done):
1.      Kerberos library:
   KrbClient API
   KDC server API
   Kadmin API
   Credential cache and keytab utilities
2.      Provides a standalone KDC server .
3.      Supports various identity backends including:
a)      MemoryIdentityBackend
b)      JsonIdentityBackend
c)      LdapIdentityBackend
d)      ZookeeperIdentityBackend
e)      MavibotBackend.
4.      Provides an embedded KDC server named SimpleKdcServer that applications can easily
integrate into products, unit tests or integration tests.
5.      Supports FAST/Preauthentication framework to allow popular and useful authentication
6.      Supports Token Preauth mechanism to allow clients to request tickets using JWT tokens.
7.      Client can request a TGT with:
a)      User plain password credential
b)      User keyTab
c)      User token credential
8.      Client can request a service ticket with:
a)      user TGT credential for a server
b)      user AccessToken credential for a server
9.      Network support including UDP and TCP transport with two implementations:
a)      Default implementation based on the JRE without depending on other libraries.
b)      Netty based implementation for better throughput, lower latency.
10.     Tools:
a)      kadmin: Command-line interfaces to the Kerby administration system.
b)      kinit: Obtains and caches an initial ticket-granting ticket for principal.
c)      klist: Lists the Kerby principal and tickets held in a credentials cache, or the keys
held in a keytab file.
11.     Provides support for JAAS, GSSAPI and SASL frameworks that applications can leverage
the authentication mechanisms provided by Kerby.

In progress:
1.      Supports PKINIT mechanism to allow clients to request tickets using x509 certificate
credentials. (50% is finished)
2.      Server scripts for Kerby KDC.
3.      Building support: checking style and find bugs.
4.      Integration and compatible tests.
5.      Building the web site.

Plan to do:
1.      Supports OTP mechanism to allow clients to request tickets using One Time Password.
2.      Consolidate the existing Change Password protocol implementation.
3.      REST representation for Kadmin interface.
4.      Implement remote mode kadmin tool based on Kadmin REST API
5.      Web management console to simplify the configuration and management
6.      Write the admin guide and user guide.
7.      Implementing cross-realm support.

Please look at here for details.


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From: Kiran Ayyagari []
Sent: Friday, July 03, 2015 11:33 AM
Subject: state of KDC

Can anyone summarize what our KDC can and cannot do?

I want to know what features are currently supported and what not and what are in progress.

thank you

Kiran Ayyagari

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