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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: state of KDC
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2015 08:57:13 GMT
Le 03/07/15 10:34, Kiran Ayyagari a écrit :
> On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 4:24 PM, Zheng, Kai <> wrote:
>> Thanks Jiajia for sorting this out! It's helpful to learn about the new
>> project. Maybe we should have such status update or lighter ones regularly?
> it is a good practice to let the team know before if you are planning to
> add any new features or any
> _significant_ changes to the code base.

I agree. Now, there are two aspects here :
- about the reports : as a new project, and in order to keep the
community informed about what is going on, yes, it's a good idea to post
a quick report (once a month ?)
- about the significant changes : I would strongly suggest they are
discussed on the mailing list beforehand. JIRA is not the best place for
that, because there are a lot fo them and it's hard to know which are
related to minor issues and which are related to major refactoring or
feature edition.

I tend to think that the balance between JIRA/MailingList is not easy to
make. But I do think that ythe Mailing List get more attention than
JIRAs. One good exemple is the getIdentities() discussion, or the Cache
discussion we have had lately. Those are the kind of threads that is
very valuable for all of us.

<about how The ASF works>
More than that, the ASF is all about consensus building : that mean
discussion, and if a consensus is made, then we go on. If no consensus
appears, then we have two options (well, 3 but the third one is not
something you want to experiment ;-) :
o we vote, and depending on the result, we act. Kind of democratic, but
it can lead to wrong decisions... Vote is more a way to assess a consensus.
o we dismiss the proposal, and start thinking about alternatives. There
is no one single way to do things.

That are the two best ways to get things done withing hurting feelings.

Let's speak a bit about the third possibility :
o ego is hurt, people get angry, some call others names. At some point,
the PMC has to take a position, and it may escalate to the Board, commit
access is suspended or revoked, war ensue, atomic bombs are sent, the
planet explode, the sun becomes a super nova, milky way collapse into a
giant black hole, we vasnish into a singularity... It could even get
worse ;-)

More seriously, we are grown up adult (well, most of the time ;-), so we
*dont't* want to switch in Solution 3 mode.

That's the way we work !
</about how The ASF works>

Ok, it was just a funny way to explain that discussin is always good !

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