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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject ApacheDS release, and more...
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2018 10:22:10 GMT
Hi guys,

I was able to cut the first Apache LDAP API 2.0 release yesterday night,
after a dire fight with 'mvn site' (sadly, the maven javadoc 3.0.1
plugin does not play well with the maven site 3.71 plugin, leading to
erros while trying to generate the javadoc... I *know* we have to
correct the API javadoc, but it's a long term effort, we have more
important things to do atm...)

I indtend to cut a Apache DS release based on this version, and that is
a major release, as it includes some needed fixes on the backend.
Hopefully, this will end those database corruption that we are facing
for years...

The next step would be for Studio to be released, based on those two
major improvements. The new API will make Stduio *much* faster at
startup, as it was parsing the schema of each existing connection using
antlr, and that was so slow that you may have to wait a minute or more
with a few tens of connections.

Bottom line, we are in good shape, and I hope we can focus more on the
server soon, to make it better.

Typically, we have to work on :
o mavibot integration: there is some work to do that requires some
discussion, now that Mavibot transaction works, but we don't have
removal implemented.
o ACIs: The current system is, to say the least, cryptic. We need to get
it improved and simplified
o Replication: It works, but we don't know up to a point if it works
well. Also we need to implement delta-syncrpl to lower down the
exchanged data between servers
o Monitoring: We don't have ways to know what's going on in teh server
except by analysing the logs...
o Logging: It's static (we can't change the log level while the server
is running) and it's either not informative enough, or too verbose.

Lots to do, but we have a good working base now.

Anyway, first, let's get the releases out !

Emmanuel Lecharny

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