The dependency problem should be pretty easy to address,  they're mostly in example projects.   I'll look at it tomorrow.

By the way,  is anyone on the list going to  Dockercon? 

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From: Stefan Seelmann <>
Sent: Saturday, June 9, 2018 10:01:16 AM
Subject: Re: PSU SCIMple donation
On 06/03/2018 10:39 AM, Stefan Seelmann wrote:
> Next steps:
> * Identify the codebase: What I see [2] is the latest commit, correct?
> * Decide on a name: which name should we use? SCIMple, eSCIMo, something
> else? We just make to be sure the name is not trademarked yet.

Any thoughts on this?

> * Check source and dependencies for Apache License compatibility (I do,
> but more eyes are welcomed :-)

I found the following problematic dependencies which are LGPL licensed
and must not be included in an Apache release artifact.
* scim-server-rdbms, scim-spec-protocol, scim-server-couchdb, etc.
* Transitive dependency of swagger-jaxrs
* Fix: try to exclude?

* scim-server-rdbms
* Fix: Change scope to provided as it is only used at build time

* scim-errai
* Fix: switch to another JPA implementation (Apache OpenJPA), but I
don't know deep Hibernate is wired into Errai.
* Note: this is only an issue if it's planned to publish a WAR file that
includes Hibernate. The current scim-errai seems to only be a showcase app.

> * Wait for secretary confirmation that CCLA is recorded

This is done