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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: PSU SCIMple donation
Date Sun, 03 Jun 2018 08:39:50 GMT
Moving the discussion to public list.

Here is the current status:
* I forwared the CCLA to the secretary
* All committers listed in the CCLA have an ICLA recorded and are
already voted in as committers (Alex Haskell, Chris Harm, Chris Pike,
Shawn Smith, Steve Moyer)
* The initial IP clearance form is created [1]

Next steps:
* Identify the codebase: What I see [2] is the latest commit, correct?
* Decide on a name: which name should we use? SCIMple, eSCIMo, something
else? We just make to be sure the name is not trademarked yet.
* Check source and dependencies for Apache License compatibility (I do,
but more eyes are welcomed :-)
* Wait for secretary confirmation that CCLA is recorded
* Finish the IP clearance form

When this is done:
* Request a new git repo (gitbox with github mirror) and Jira project
* Push the code
* Add Apache license headers to all the files
* Rename Maven artifact and Java package names
* More to come...

Kind Regards,


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