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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Transaction support
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2018 18:15:54 GMT
Forgot ot mention that I tried to remove the Store interface, that was added a decade ago.
I let it be, because it would have impacted the SchemaPartition. So we still have the Store
interface around. Well...

On 2018/02/11 17:43:33, Emmanuel Lécharny <> wrote: 
> Hi guys,
> a quick head up about this on-going effort.
> First of all, I added the Transaction extended operation in the LDAP
> API, but this is somehow orthogonal. We don't really need that at the
> moment in the server, but we will most certainly leverage it later for
> some interesting feature (see later).
> At the moment, the idea is to add cross- B-tree transaction to
> partitions (at least JDBM/Mavibot partitions). This is critical because
> it will fix the corruption problem we have.
> The idea is to start a transaction in the OperationManager, either re	ad
> or write dependening on the operation. We can have many read operations
> going on, but only one write operation (for the JDBM partition, we will
> have some more constraints).
> Transactions have to be started by partitions, as the upper layer (ie
> operation manager has no way to know how the lower level (ie partitions)
> deal with transactions. This is possible because we can determinate
> which partition we are addressing using the operation's DN. The first
> thing to do is to move this part from partitions to the operation manager.
> Then we have to propagate the txn down to the nexus. The easier way is
> to pass the txn into the OperationContext instances. Once we went
> through the interceptors down to the Nexus partition, we have to apply
> the operation to the specific partition, and this is done by the
> AbstractBtreePartition, mostly. Enough said that each B-tree update
> needs to know about the txn, so we have to modify the basic partition
> operations to take an extra parameter : the txn. And this is where it
> starts to be hard... Because that implies we also have to extend the
> following interfaces :
> - Table
> - Index
> - Cursor
> so that they also take this txn as a parameter.
> It's a bit of a gigantic change in the interfaces... Note that we don't
> want to change the LDAP API cursor interface, too.
> Then , we have to change teh way teh JDBM partition behave. Currently,
> we create a RecordManager for each B-tree (ie, each Table, which may
> have 2 B-tree, the forward and reverse index). This is not good, because
> we can't apply a global operation across many recordManager using a txn.
> The JDBM transactionManager is applied to a single RecordManager. So the
> next big change is to have JDBM working using one single file. That
> impacts the initialisation of JDBM index and partition.
> For mavibot, it's simpler, because we already use one single file anyway.
> ATM, I have made the required changes in the Partition/Index/Cursor to
> pass this extrac txn paramer, and I'm dealing with the unique file
> definition. The LDIF Partition is working just fine with all those
> changes, and many of the JDBM tests are also running green.
> The last thing to do is for JDBM to make sure we don't have a collision
> between reads and write (ie we can't read when we write). That will slow
> down the server when we do a write, but JDBM won't be able to deal with
> concurrent reads and writes anyway. Mavibot does not have such
> limitation, so I expect that Mavibot will become teh de-facto backend
> soon after those changes.
> LAst, not least, being able to leverage the Transaction extended
> operation will allow a fast loading of the server, especially during the
> initial injection of data: we can do that in memory, and flush teh
> result globally.
> I expect all those changes to take a couple of weeks - working on
> evenings and week-end).
> I'll keep you posted anyway.
> -- 
> Emmanuel Lecharny

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