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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: SVN and git mirror cleanup
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2017 05:24:54 GMT

I was trying to update the 'sources' page on the web site. Here is the
current status for all the svn/git/github repos :

github :
directory-buildtools            currently empty, will gather skins,
checkstyle-configuration, docker     nd junit-addons
directory-clients               partially deceased (kerberos-client will
be killed, as Kerby already does the job)
directory-daemon                deceased
directory-fortress-commander    ok
directory-fortress-core         ok
directory-fortress-enmasse      ok
directory-fortress-realm        ok
directory-installers            deceased
directory-kerby                 ok
directory-ldap-api              ok
directory-project               ok
directory-server                ok (was apacheds)
directory-shared                deceased
directory-studio                ok
directory-samples               deceased
directory-skins                 to be removed
directory-studio-plugins        deceased

Need to be created :

directory-escimo                or do we wait for sparrow ?

Gitbox :

directory-buildtools            ok
directory-ldap-api              ok
directory-project               ok

We need to migrate the git-wip-us projects to gitbox, and to create the
following project :

directory-server               (was apacheds)

git-wip-us :

directory-fortress-core         to be migrated to gitbox
directory-fortress-commander    to be migrated to gitbox
directory-fortress-enmasse      to be migrated to gitbox
directory-fortress-realm        to be migrated to gitbox
directory-kerby                 to be migrated to gitbox (read only repository) :
directory-client                will be deleted
directory-daemon                will be deleted
directory-fortress-commander    will be deleted
directory-fortress-core         will be deleted
directory-fortress-enmasse      will be deleted
directory-fortress-realm        will be deleted
directory-installers            will be deleted
directory-kerby                 will be deleted
directory-samples               will be deleted
directory-server                will be deleted
directory-shared                will be deleted
directory-skins                 will be deleted
directory-studio-plugins        will be deleted
directory-studio                will be deleted

SVN trunks :

apacheds                                to bemigrated to gitbox, renamed
buildtools/checkstyle-configuration     to bemigrated to gitbox
buildtools/docker                       to bemigrated to gitbox, no
buildtools/junit-addons                 to bemigrated to gitbox
buildtools/skins                        to bemigrated to gitbox
clients                                 ldap client is deceased,
kerberos client should die
documentation/apacheds-manuals          deceased
documentation/ldap-api-manuals          deceased
documentation/samples                   deceased
escimo                                  wait for Sparrow ?
jdbm                                    soon deceased, no need
to migrate it
mavibot                                 to bemigrated to gitbox
project                                 moved to gitbox
shared                                  moved to gitbox LDAP-API
site                                    to bemigrated to gitbox
studio                                  to bemigrated to gitbox

Emmanuel Lecharny

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