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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [Studio] Visual way to identify "disabled" users
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2017 15:41:14 GMT

Le 04/10/2017 à 16:44, Radovan Semancik a écrit :
> On 10/04/2017 01:47 PM, Lothar Haeger wrote:
>> A general solution (solving a lot of other use cases as a side
>> effect) would be
>> to implement a generic color/font/format coding feature. Let users
>> define ldap
>> searches and assign formatting styles to those objects that match.
>> Could be
>> strikethrough font, font/background color, object icon, watever.
>> In a second step, pre-defined filter/formatting sets implementing
>> common useful
>> scenario's (like the one Graham posted) could be delivered with
>> Studio so user
>> can just enable them if needed. Those delivered sets would also
>> double as
>> example code and templates for custom needs.
> Well, that would be only a partial solution anyway. Displaying
> disabled users using a different style is not that useful if you
> cannot enable or disable them. And that won't be easy to implement
> unless Studio really understands how the enable/disable mechanism works.
> However, as far as I understand, Studio is LDAP editor. It is not a
> replacement for identity management system. 
Actualy, I do have a plugin that manages users and groups :-) I just
have to contribute it to teh code base, something I may do after LDAP
Con when I have a bit of more time...

> What we usually do is that we manage LDAP content from a real IDM
> system. IDM can understand how the users are enabled, disabled, when
> to create them, delete them, disable them, assign to groups and so on.
> I do not think that Studio will ever have an ambition to do this. E.g.
> there are at least three different ways how to manage groups in LDAP.
> All of them are standard, but they are mutually incompatible. And
> there are even more non-standard ways how to manage groups,
> organizations, roles, etc. Managing content of generic LDAP directory
> is really a job for quite a sophisticated system.

Indeed. But there is no reason not to start thinking about adding such
features to Studio :-)

Emmanuel Lecharny

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