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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: EntryFilteringCursor question
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2017 17:02:56 GMT

Le 01/09/2017 à 17:47, Sathyanarayan, Harish a écrit :
> I am intercepting the search request via custom interceptor and searching a third-party
ldap but want to return back the result to the client. However I cannot return the EntryFilteringCursorImpl.
Any techniques to achieve this by passing the result to the client. I have an EntryCursor
with mutltiple entries.  Next(searchContext) is not going to work obviously.
> Am overriding this
> @Override
> public EntryFilteringCursor search(SearchOperationContext searchContext) throws LdapException

Results are managed by the cursor the interceptor is retruning. If you
interceptor get the results from a remote LDAP server, bypassing teh
rest of the chain, than you need to wrap a cursor around the entries you
get, and return this cursor ::

    public EntryFilteringCursor search( SearchOperationContext
searchContext ) throws LdapException
        EntryFilteringCursor cursor = <grab the data from the remote
LDAP server>

        return cursor;

Emmanuel Lecharny

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