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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: Help needed to publish wiki change
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2017 14:45:15 GMT

Le 29/06/2017 à 15:39, Brian Burch a écrit :
>> So now, if you go to
>> you can see your changes !
> No I couldn't!!! I copied your url above into a new browser window and
> the "bad" markdown was still there...
> I was just about to tell you about the problem and I remembered the
> browser might have cached the page (for 5 hours?)... so I did
> shift/reload and was VERY relieved to see the hyperlinks were then
> properly displayed... and they worked as originally intended.

I should have told you to do so. I almost wrote it, but I told myself
'nah, it should not be the problem'... Because, to be frank, I'm not
sure that there is any delay nowdays when you publish the site (that was
the case years ago when we were using Confluence to manage teh web site,
and published it through a script).

>> At this point, it might be useful for us to add a page explaining how to
>> update the web site...
> As I said before, a few projects actually have their own procedures on
> their sites, but apart from using their own specific urls, rather than
> the generic information in the CMS guide, they don't add any value as
> far as can see.
> However, NONE of them mention the delay in the publish process - after
> all it says something like "your publish was successful" (note the
> past tense!). None of them mention the browser caching "gotcha", either.
> If you don't think I am being too critical, I suppose it wouldn't take
> long for me to clone a set of instructions (the CMS ones are pretty
> opaque) and add a new page to the Directory wiki which points out
> these issues before they fade from my memory. I'll try to do it in the
> next week or so.

Good !

>> Many thanks Brian !
> Oh, I don't need thanking. You all were so helpful recently that I see
> it as just a small repayment to the project.

The thing is that you are adding value to the project, and it deserves
to be duly noted ! A little 'thanks' cost nothing more than 6 bytes
(well, 12 in Unicode;-).

> I have a few more details in mind, but my personal task list seems to
> grow faster than I can deal with at the moment. It is just a pity my
> 2-line change chewed up so much time, otherwise I would have dome more
> during this stint.

At least, you now have gone through the process once, and it was teh
most painful part. Moving along should now be quite easy (well, if you
want to push some Javadoc, that is another story ;-)
> Thanks to the help from you and Stefan, I got there in the end.

You are very welcome, Brian ! Glad to have you around !

Emmanuel Lecharny

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