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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache LDAP API 1.0.0 release
Date Sun, 04 Jun 2017 06:50:45 GMT

Le 03/06/2017 à 09:26, Brian Burch a écrit :
> On 03/06/17 12:39, Emmanuel Lécharny wrote:
>> Le 03/06/2017 à 04:31, Brian Burch a écrit :
>>> On 03/06/17 12:02, Emmanuel Lécharny wrote:
>>> So... do you propose to update the surefire version to 2.19.1 in the
>>> API pom.xml?
>> It's already using this version :-)
> Thanks for explaining. I can see the "trunks" pom.xml calling the
> "project" module. I found "project has a tag of 40, which holds a
> pom.xml with the preferred version of the surefire plugin. That
> pom.xml is at revision 1797473, which corresponds to the latest
> revision of the API 1.0.0.

Let me explain a bit the way we use maven...

Directory is quite a big project. Actually, it's more than a single
project :
- ApacheDS (the LDAP server)
- Studio
- Mavibot (the new database)
- JDBM (the current database)

and a few more things, slightly disconnected (kerby - the standalone
kerberos server -, eSCIMo - a SCIM implementation -, Fortress -a RBAC
implementation -...)

All in all, we are talking of more or less 1 million single line of code
(ie, just counting the code, not the blank lines or comments).
At this point, we needed some organization that supports the whole stuff.

The main projects (ie, ldap API aka shared, ApacheDS, Mavibot and
Studio) are pretty much standalone. You can pull everything as a whole
by checking out This
is a convenient way to get everything, it uses svn externals (ie, links
to sub projects that subversion will pull automatically).

Usually, you just need a couple of projects, like API and ApacheDS. If
you are just interested in those two, it's enough to check out those two :

svn co api
svn co apacheds

You'll get two standalone projects in two different directories that
will build without neeing anything else.

For convenience, we have gathered all teh maven lugin dependencies into
a common project, called 'project', so that we don't need to declare
those maven dependencies in each separate project. When we cut a
release, we try to first update this common 'project' project with the
latest maven dependency versions. You usually don't have to care abut
it, it's really an facility offered to the projects.

Now, if you consider the API, or ApacheDS, each project is around 200
Ksloc each, so it's one fifth the size of the global project. It's still
big, and we have a lot of maven modules. For instance :

api                The root
  all              Builds a package containing everything but tests
  asn1             The ASN.1 part  
    api            The ASN.1 API
    ber            The ASN.1BER encoding rules
  distribution     The module that creates the binary packages
  dsml             DSML implementation
    engine         The DSML engine
    parser         The DSML parser
  i18n             Internationalisation (ie, messages, etc)
  integ            Integration tests
  integ-osgi       Osgi tests
  integ-osgi2      Osgi tests, part 2
  ldap             The LDAP API root
    client         The Client part
      all          Create a package for the LDAP client (we don't
package the server parts)
      api          The client API
    codec          The LDAP encoding/decoding part
      core         The codec core
      standalone   The non-OSGi codec
    extras         LDAP Extensions
      aci          Access Control Items
      codec        Extended codec for controls and extended operations
      codec-api    The extended codec API
      sp           Stored procedure
      trigger      Triggers
      util         Self explicit :-)
    model          The LDAP model (Entry, Attrinutes, name, etc)
    net            The network layer
      mina         MINA based implementation
    schema         The LDAP schema utilities
      converter    The schema converter (OpenLDAP -> ApacheDS)
      data         The schema itself
    util           Generic utilities

We have another long hierarchy for Apacheds with more or less 50 modules.

One generic rule : *don't touch the pom.xml !* :-) It's as it is for
around 10 years now, it works pretty well, so better trusting it
blindly. Usually, you just have to import the top-level pom into your
prefered IDE (Eclipse, Intellij, Netbeans), it will do the trick. I use
Eclipse because Studio is an eclipse based LDAP UI, but any other IDE
would do the trick, except for Studio.

Hope it helps.

Emmanuel Lecharny

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