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From "Pittman, Michael" <>
Subject [ApacheDS] ads-replSearchFilter not working
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2017 20:12:12 GMT

I have set up replication between some ApacheDS instances and everything has been working
fine. I had the configuration 'ads-replSearchFilter' set to (objectClass=*) and everything
was replicating as expected.

I have been given requirements recently not to replicate certain entries and I updated the
ads-replSearchFilter configuration to do this, however, it is not working (everything is still
being replicated). Here is what I did:

1.      I changed the configuration 'ads-replSearchFilter' to (&(objectClass=*)(!(organizationalUnitName=hardcodedValue)))

2.      When I create an entry that I don't want replicated I give it the attribute 'organizationalUnitName=hardcodedValue'

This should prevent the new entry from being replicated. I DID restart all of the ApacheDS
servers after I made the configuration change. I also performed an ldapsearch with the filter
'(&(objectClass=*)(!(organizationalUnitName=hardcodedValue)))' and it correctly returned
only the entries without the attribute 'organizationalUnitName=hardcodedValue'.

It's also worth noting that the entries that I want replicated do not have the attribute organizationalUnitName
at all. I am using ApacheDS version 2.0.0-M21.

Any ideas why my replication search filter is not working?


Michael Pittman
Software Engineer
Mobile: (863) 517-1910

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