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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Fwd to the dev mailing list : Could I know the progress of LMDB backend for ApacheDS and I want have a try on it
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2017 08:27:33 GMT

Hi Emmanuel and Zheng,

  Recently I am using ApacheDS as the storage of my project but worried about the DB backend
of it. The index of JDBM may be corrupted somehow and it is seems hard to resolve that issue.
Another concern is that it is too slow to turn on the syncOnWrite or facing the risk of loss
of data when crashing or power off if turn off the syncOnWrite option. Mavibot maybe a choice
but it is not for production yet currently.

  So I consider to implement the LMDB partition and index myself to provide a stable DB backend.
I read this email threads
and know that you guys want to have a try to implement LMDB backend for ApacheDS. So how about
the progress? I want to have a try on LMDB and it really helps if there is some work I can

  LMDB claims it supports “Multiple sub-databases may be created with transactions covering
all sub-databases”. So maybe the locks in the AbstractBTreePartition can be removed and
use LMDB transaction instead. It seem there’s a hope that LMDB may provides faster read/write
speed and a consistent DB backend.

  Sorry for this if this mail disturbs you.

Thanks, and eagering for your reply.
Zack Liu

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