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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject [Vote] Accept Scim contribution
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2016 23:44:33 GMT
Hi guys,

two months ago, Shawn Smith wrote us to inform the Apache Directory
project that he wanted to contribute the project he is working on with
Steve Moyer, Christopher Harm and Alex Haskell.

We have discussed about this proposal one month ago, but due to some
highly busy agenda on my side, I sadly forgot to start a vote (and I
have to be frank : would have I started the vote, I would not have had
teh time to deal with the consequences of a positive vote). Now that I'm
done with teh API and ApacheDS releae, and my work on the API branch, my
agenda has cleared up.

So here is a formal vote for the integration of this project in the
apache Directory project, as a sub project. My opinion is that this
would replace eSCIMo that has never been released, unless Kiran decide
otherwise. We would naturally use the existing eSCIMo project web-site
as a plcae-holder. One idea would also be that we could keep the eSCIMo
name, or use SCIMple-Identity, but it would be really up to the people
to decide.

If we get a positive vote, we will then have to vote the 4 people who
participated to the code as committer - if they want to pursue their
work, of course ! -.  But first, let's vote

[ ] +1, accept the SCIMple-Identity project as a subproject of Apache

[ ] +/-0 No opinion

[ ] -1 : don't accept the SCIMple-Identity project.

For the record, the code base is available at, and it's already under a
AL 2.0 license

Many thanks, and trully sorry fo rthe delayed vote !

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