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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject removal and Studio
Date Sat, 27 Feb 2016 09:55:03 GMT
Hi Stefan

I have completely removed from the LDAP API and ApacheDS? and
I'm now trying to do the same in Studio. It's a bit harder :-)

First, I removed any dependency on in all the pom files, then
I rebuilt the project (I faced some issues because the java files
weren't fixed, but that should be easy to fix).

Nw, when I load the project sin Mars, the places where I used aren't seing this class. When I
check the .m2 repository (which I doomed before building everytjing, so
it was blanck), I see that I have 2 versions of the ldap-util jar :
1.0.0-M33 and 1.0.0-M34-SNAPSHOT. Obviously, the error I see are due to
the presence of this 1.0.0-M33 depencency, but I don't see where it
pulls it from...

I'll do a bit more of research, but at this point, I'm a bit puzzled.

If you have a clue that would help :-)

Thanks !

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