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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Importing Users from Microsoft AD to Apache DS
Date Thu, 05 Nov 2015 14:14:53 GMT
Le 05/11/15 14:16, Pawan Thakur a écrit :
> Hello All,
> I am trying to work around a solution to import Users in a Microsoft Active Directory
to Apache DS.
> So far I have come across the option of doing so using LDIF.
> Now while importing LDIF (exported from Microsoft AD) I am getting
> Error while importing LDIF
> - [LDAP: error code 16 - NO_SUCH_ATTRIBUTE: failed for MessageType : ADD_REQUES
> java.lang.Exception: [LDAP: error code 16 - NO_SUCH_ATTRIBUTE: failed for MessageType
> which I guess is that the file's format is not what is being expected by Apache DS.
> I am comparing the User's Export LDIF files from ApacheDS and AD both to figure out something.
> Does anyone have experience doing this ? Suggestions ? Any help is much appreciated.

The problem you will face is that many, many, many AD Attributes and
ObjectClasses are not declared in ApacheDS. You first have to create all
those schema elements in ApacheDS in order to be able to load the
entries in ApacheDS.

I must warn you here : we are talking about hundreds of missing schema
elements, and worse of it : Microsoft has done a *great* job fucking up
the compatibility of LDAP by changing many little and not obvious things
in their LDAP implementation, making it very tedious to load their
schema in a compliant LDAP server.

Bottom line : yes, it would be cool to be able to do that, no, it's not

OTOH, do you really need to load all the entries from a AD server into
another LDAP server ? What is your use case ?

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