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From Radovan Semancik <>
Subject Re: [API] Added Microsoft control
Date Tue, 20 Oct 2015 19:24:18 GMT

On 10/20/2015 09:08 PM, Emmanuel L├ęcharny wrote:
> I just saw that you have added the control you needed. That was fast !

Actually I had most of the code done on Sunday evening and tested it on 
Monday. I've only delayed the commit because of the release ...
When you need to have AD integration working ASAP you just have to do 
miracles :-)

> I have created the associated JIRA :
>, feel free to close it.


> Looking at the code, I wonder if the following methods are useful in the
> AdShawDeletedImpl class :
>      public void setValue( byte[] value )
>      public boolean hasValue()

Honestly, no idea :-)

> To be clear, we also have those two methods in CascadeImpl control, and
> I also think this is not necessary. AFAIR, I think those two methods are
> part of the ControlDecorator interface, we most certainly can remove them.

That was exactly the reason that I've put them in Deleted control. The 
Cascade control is almost exactly the same style as ShowDeleted, so I've 
used that as a starting point. I was curious about these methods, but I 
though that as they are already in Cascade they most likely have some 
purpose. Looks like I was wrong ...

Radovan Semancik
Software Architect

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