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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject Schema propagation in DN and issues in the server
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2015 18:26:08 GMT
Hi guys,

last week and most of this week-end, I was working on fixingthe way we
propagate the SchemaManager in a DN (see conversation on ML). The thing is that when we parse a DN and
appky the schemaManager on it, this schemaManager was never propagated
down to teh AVA and teh Value.

As a reminder :

DN -> RDN+
AVA -> AttributeType ':' Value

Where Value can be either a StringValue or a BinaryValue.

In all instances, we keep an UP vakue and a Norm value. The NormValue
will be created applying the Normalizer fetched from the schema,
accordingly to the AttributeType's Syntax.

The API was not doing so, except at the RDN level (is, teh AVA and Value
never get saw the SchemaManager).

I have successfully changed the API to propagate the SchemaManager dow
to the Ava and Value, which was quite a pain. In the process, I have
found that *many* tests were simply plain wrong... Having fixed them was
not the end of my pain :/

I just created an issue :

This is about a test in the server which is plain wrong : we try to
rename an entry, providing a second RDN, expecting the new value being
present in the entry within the old value (the deleteOldRdn flag is not
set). And the test *passes*; never mind if the Attribute is a
Single-Value attribute !

I'm trying to fix all those issues (and we have many), but that means we
still have a lot of basic errors all around...

More to come !

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