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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: Eclipse MARS and antlr m2e
Date Fri, 24 Jul 2015 21:01:07 GMT
On 07/24/2015 07:03 PM, Stefan Seelmann wrote:
> On 07/24/2015 05:16 PM, Lucas Theisen wrote:
>> Has anybody else attempted to get eclipse MARS to work with the directory
>> source.  Specifically, the antlr-maven-plugin seems to be something m2e
>> complains about: "Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration:
>> org.codehaus.mojo:antlr-maven-plugin:2.2:generate (execution: default,
>> phase: generate-sources)".  Without that plugin functioning, the sources
>> are not properly generated, and I cannot run the server in debug.  I dont
>> know much about antlr, but it seems like the code is using
>> antlr-maven-plugin, and the m2e doc seems to say we should be using
>> antlr3-maven-plugin (
>> Any suggestions here?
> The 1.6 m2e catalog doesn't include connectors for old maven plugins.
> But it is possible to install them manally.
> I looked into the Luna installation, Help -> About -> Installation
> Details -> Plugins -> filter for "connector". Then used the PluginID and
> searched on This way its possible to find out
> the update site URL, which you can use in Window -> Install new Software
> to install the connector.
> For Antlr the update sit URL is
> This should be enougth to get the API and Server build. I'll import
> Studio later to see which connectors are missing.

Ok, I imported Studio (target platform first, then the other modules),
the "m2e connector for Maven Dependency Plugin" was installed, then
everything worked :)

Kind Regards,

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