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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject [Studio] OpenLDAP configueaiton editor status
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2015 18:49:09 GMT
Hi guys,

a quick heads-up on what's going on with this plugin :

- The general configuration has been completed 1 week ago.
- I'm now dealing with the Database configuration, and the MDB specific
configuration. We are talking about 31 and 10 attributes, with 14 MV
- Those parameters have been split into 6 groups : general, security,
access, limit, sync and options. All the general parameters are now
handled, I'm currently dealing with the limits.
- the olcLimits parameter is a bit complex, as it's a MV attribute,
which can contain sizeLimit or TimeLimit. I'm fighting with the GUI to
get this designed in a way that is convenient for the user.
- a lot of small issues have been fixed in many other areas, and the
TableWidget has been improved.

In the next days, I'll work on finishing the Database general
configuration, and have MDB completed. The next step will be to get BDB
working, then the Overlay has to be reviewed (they are working, AFAICT).

The most important thing that is on my way is the ACL editor, which is
currently not used for the database, I expect it to work more or less
but will need some love.

Once that is done, I think we will have a very first version of the
OpenLDAP configuration editor, that will not cover all the elements, but
at least the most commonly used (MDB, BDB, HDB for the Databses, the
AccessLog, AuditLog, MemberOf, PasswordPolicy, ReferentialIntegrity,
RewriteRemap, Syncprov and ValueSorting overlays, and replication).

Will keep you updated.

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