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From Pawan Thakur <>
Subject [ApacheDS][Studio] Issues with getting up and running and making modifications
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2015 09:46:42 GMT

I am having this issue as reported here.

I am getting this error when I install Apache DS -> Start the default Instance -> Connect
using Directory Studio -> right click the connection and "Open configuration".

ApacheDS ver. 2.0.0-M20  + Directory Server M8

Similary, when I connect to the server using JXplorer on every click on "com"
I get "failed to perform read operation."

I cannot modify anything from there again errors. Lets say I try to rename "example" to "Desired-Name"
"Unable to perform Modify operation."

I thought may be error related to admin so while login I used admin/secret in jXplorer connection
and got the following

"Error opening connection:
[LDAP: error code 34 - Incorrect DN given : admin (0x61 0x64 0x6D 0x69 0x6E ) is invalid]"

"Unable to perform Extended request Connection Request operation"

I am using following

in Directory Studio I follow the instructions on the guides available i.e uid=admin,ou=system|secret
in JXplorer I am connecting as anonymous account

Please help.

- What version of apache DS and Studio I can swithc to where Studio works smoothly. Already
tried "apacheDS-M15 and Studio-M7" etc
- how to change the default, if at all there is a legit way to do it without using
- Possibly any idea regarding what am I doing wrong with JXplorer + apacheDS, because that
piece works like a charm for my AD connection.

Some of these might be noob questions but I am stuck at these + (myvd) from almost two days

Lastly, this one is off topic,  my subscription to my-vd list is pending from 4 days now any
other ways to get in touch with myvd dev.

Thanks in advance,

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