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From "Zheng, Kai" <>
Subject RE: PMD
Date Thu, 07 May 2015 00:24:04 GMT
>> FTR, I have asked to add the Mavibot, Kerby and Fortress projects to
Thanks Emmanuel for the taking. So how is it going and any output?


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From: Emmanuel Lécharny [] 
Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2015 4:00 AM
To: Apache Directory Developers List
Subject: Re: PMD

Le 04/05/15 19:36, Stefan Seelmann a écrit :
> On 05/04/2015 02:30 PM, Emmanuel Lécharny wrote:
>> Le 03/05/15 18:18, Shawn McKinney a écrit :
>>> Do we have an ‘official’ project position on the use of PMD?  
>> No, but we can.
>>> Is it employed within the others?  
>> It has been disabled for ApacheDS.
>>> I am considering adding these checks to the fortress builds.
>> I think it's valuable to have it. The key is tunning PMD correctly, 
>> otherwise you'll have potentially thousands of warnings. For 
>> instance, in the LDAP API, we have 150 critical, 1901 major, 340 
>> minor and 106 infos. For ApacheDS, it's even worse, with 172 
>> critical, 2731 major, 808 minor and 97 info. Studio is the worst, 
>> with 273 critical, 3700 major,
>> 10892 minor and 456 infos. I teave to you imagine how long it would 
>> take to get those fixed...
>> Btw, we can ask for the various projects to be added to 
>> Here are the result for some of our current projects :
>> ApacheDS :
>> Studio   :
> I think it is great to add such metrics from the beginning to new 
> projects like Kerby. And let the build fail fast to keep quality high.

FTR, I have asked to add the Mavibot, Kerby and Fortress projects to :

> For old projects it is hard to establish, especially if developers 
> like me are lazy ;)

Well, we can establish it, but if we have to catch up with all the errors and warning, we
will do only that for the next 6 months ;-)

OTOH, this is the kind of stuff I *love* to do when my brain is running slow : I feel I'm
actually doing something instead of watching files flying...

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