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From Radovan Semancik <>
Subject Re: API relaxed mode
Date Fri, 01 May 2015 14:29:15 GMT
On 04/30/2015 09:27 PM, Howard Chu wrote:
>> attributes used syntaxes that were not declared and so on.
> Not possible in OpenLDAP, since we do full schema checking. 389DS, 
> like Sun and other Netscape-derived junk, probably is more careless here.

Well, I might be mistaken, but OpenLDAP 2.4.31 has this in schema:

attributeTypes: ( NAME 'protocolInformation' DESC 'RFC2256: 
protocol information' EQUALITY protocolInformationMatch SYNTAX )

... and I do not see any "ldapSyntaxes" statement for

(simple anonymous LDAP search, base: cn=subschema)


                                            Radovan Semancik
                                           Software Architect

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