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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject [Studio] Addition of new plugins for OpenLDAP
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2015 15:04:02 GMT
Hi guys,

in the past 2 years, Pierre-Arnaud has worked on some OpenLDAP
configuration plugins for Studio. I intend to inject them into the
default Studio code base next week.

The following plugins have been developped :
- openldap.common.ui : a few classes used by all the other OpenLDAP
dedicated plugins
- openldap.config.editor : quite similar to the configuration editor
available for ApacheDS. It deals with the Openldap cn=config partition,
allowing a user to completely manage the configuration , either with a
started server or a stopped server (in this case, we process the LDIF
files on disk)
- openldap.syncrepl : deal with the replication configuration, with a
drag/drop graphical UI to connect servers together

An additional plugin will be added later :
- template.editor : this is not a dedicated Openldap plugin, but a
modified interface to expose entries. We have defined a set of templates
that describe how the entry layout should be, so that entries are not
only exposed in a tabular way. It's more a beautifier than enything
else. The good part is that you can change the template, and you can for
instance make some fields non-modifiable, expose some, or hide others.
For end users that should not change some of the fileds, that could be

Anyway, there is still some work to do, and I intend to polish those
plugins in the next few weeks.

Note that we should also take care of the eDirectory plugins that we
have received lately.

Thanks ...

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