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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1649544 - /directory/apacheds/trunk/pom.xml
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2015 12:35:17 GMT
Le 05/01/15 18:48, Stefan Seelmann a écrit :
> On 01/05/2015 04:15 PM, wrote:
>> -    <pax-exam.version>3.5.0</pax-exam.version>
>> -    <pax-url.version>2.2.0</pax-url.version>
>> +    <pax-exam.version>4.4.0</pax-exam.version>
>> +    <pax-url.version>2.3.0</pax-url.version>
> When using pax-exam 4.4.0 we need to set compiler level of our projects
> to Java 1.7 otherwise the OSGi tests will fail. I'm ok with increasing
> the compiler level, but maybe some users still stick to 1.6?
The Java EOL has considerably shorten lately :

Java 5 [May 2004, Oct 2009]
Java 6 [Dec 2006, Feb 2013]
Java 7 [Jul 2011, Apr 2015]
Java 8 [Mar 2014, Mar 2017]...

So basically, a Java version is maintained 3 years, more or less.

Does it make any sense to keep going with a version which is not
maintained for around 2 years now?

I'm not sure...

IMHO, we should keep the trunk working with the two Java versions which
are active at the moment we cut a release : here, Java 7 and Java 8.

For those who want to get a code working with older revision, I wouls
suggest they contact companies supporting ApacheDS...

PS : there is one major reason I don't want to take care of older
revisions and not maintained: it already takes a hell lot of time to fix
bugs related to JVM upgrades (I had to fix many of such issues when we
tested the server with Java 8, and it's likely to happen again), and I
think once it's done, there is little value in backporting the fixes.

Also consider that Java 8 is faster than Java 7, and than Java 6, so why
would we support older JVM ? I know that some users will say that "we
have this version of Java installed on our server, and we don't want to
change that". Docker, Docker, Docker...

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