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From Marc Boorshtein <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS as a front for Google Apps
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2014 14:34:11 GMT
On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 2:17 PM, Ned Twigg <> wrote:

> I have a small company that's moving from cloud services to internal
> services, so we're getting our first-ever LDAP server up to manage these
> accounts.
> We're using ApacheDS, but I really wish we could use Google Apps to manage
> our internal authentication requests.  We're an Eclipse/OSGi/Java dev shop,
> so I figure we could probably hack around a little to make a plugin for
> ApacheDS to set it up as a front for our Google Apps domain.

Why not use ApacheDS to store the passwords and use SAML2 to authenticate
to gmail?  Doesn't work for heavy gui apps or mobile but it does for

> I've got a couple questions:
> 1) Do you think this is possible?

It would be very hard with just ApacheDS.  Most of the authentication in
ApacheDS assumes the password is local.  If you wanted to go down this
route I would suggest using a virtual directory in front of your ApacheDS,
using ApacheDS for data and the virtual directory (as a reverse proxy) to
delegate authentication to Google but pull data from ApacheDS over LDAP.
No one I know of does this OOTB but it should be a pretty easy plugin.
 shameless plug - MyVirtualDirectory (, which
I'm the author, could do this pretty easily.  I know the folks at ForgeRock
have virtual capabilities in their directory as well you could look at.

> 2) If so, any recommendations on where we should start?  Which extension
> points we should learn about?
See my previous comment.  Google does have a Java SDK that could perform
the authentication and if you really want to get fancy could be used to
reset the password as well.

> 3) Is anybody interested in doing this project under sponsorship from us?
> We're very small, but we do have some revenue, and it'd be worth $500 or so
> to us for it to just be done.  Googling around there are other people who
> have the same request:
I don't have the cycles to code it right now, but would be happy to help
out if you want to ping me out-of-band or on the MyVD list.  It sounds like
an interesting idea that would make a good addition to a virtual
directory.  No $$$$ needed.


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