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From Lucas Theisen <>
Subject Re: Ldap pool issue...
Date Wed, 31 Dec 2014 19:41:06 GMT
I just attempted to reproduce using:

> I have done one more test : I'm now using only 2 threads, and set the
maxIdle to 0. What happens is that after a few connections, only one thread
is still accessing the server

But the test completed successfully.  I am running on windows with java
1.7.0_15...  Is it supposed to succeed and i would only notice the log
messages you mentioned?  Or should i expect it to fail when it encounters
one of those fail messages in the log?  What is your log config to see
those messages?

Also, I was thinking about improving the performance of the
ValidatingPoolableLdapConnectionFactory by maintaining an indicator as to
whether a bind was called while the connection was checked out and only
rebinding on return if it was.  This could be a counter that gets
incremented with each bind that the pool could check on return or even just
a boolean that gets set to true when bind is called an can be set to false
when the pool rebinds to the configured user.  This could be done directly
in the existing connection implementation or I could write a decorator to
add the additional field.  What do you think?

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