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From Emmanuel Lécharny <>
Subject Re: [Studio] New value editors developed
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2014 11:12:11 GMT
Le 02/12/14 09:04, Mark van Reijn a écrit :
> Hi Stefan,

Hi Mark, Stefan,
> thanks for your reply. 
> Somehow Studio still has a dialog for the extension location when I choose Help / Software
Updates / Manage Configuration. 
> I am using 2.0.0.v20130628 which is M8 iirc. 
> To answer your question, I have developed editors for
> * eDirectory 
> 	* ACLs
> 	* Path syntax
> * Identity Manager (=eDirectory underneath)
> 	* DirXML-Associations
> 	* DirXML-EntitlementRef
> 	* DirXML-EntitlementResult
> 	* password sync results
> 	* assigned roles
> 	* assigned resources
> 	* resource history

Those are all good extensions, and we would be pleased to add them to
Studio, making it easier for eDirectory users.

Let me go a bit deeper into the contribution legal aspects here, just
for the sake of clarity (don't be scared by the phrasing, I'm just
spelling out facts, I'm not anticipating any decision or judging here).

<legal and practical aspects>
That raises at least two questions though :
- Who will maintain the code ?
- Is the code ready for a donation ?

The second question is fairly easy to deal with : if Mark is the unique
author of this code, then a donation to Apache can be done easily. There
is only one thing that needs to be checked : are those extensions
developped during Mark's day job ? (ie, was he paid to develop those
extensions ?) In this case, I think we need an agreement from his
company too. But that is just paperwork...

Regarding the code maintenance, this is more a concern. There are 3 use
cases here :
- the code is simple, and we can absorb the load
- the code is complex, or very specific, and requires some deep
eDirectory knowledge, but Mark can be made a committer easily, assuming
Mark wants to assume the maintenanc (and why not helping us in other
peices of the code ;-)
- Mark just want to donate the code, we have nobody to maintain it.

Obviously, option (3) does not work. We can't accept code that is not
maintained, and the team is currently fairly small, with day jobs already...
Option (1) is simple, but brings no guarantee, still if teh code is in
good shape, it should not be an obstacle.
Option (2) is a clear winner.

</legal and practical aspects>

> As you can see, a lot of stuff is pretty specific to Novell / NetIQ Identity Manager
on top of eDirectory. 
> The ACLs and Path syntax editors are much needed for eDirectory though. 
> I will look into the dropins folder (have not used that yet) but an update site would
be preferable since that is a nice distribution mechanism. 
> Regards,

Why not... To see how well it fits with our current architecture, and
more important, with the rework being done.

We would like to see people extending Studio teh way they like, even if
it's with proprietary extensions (but it's always better if it's Open
Source, of course !). We should discuss the course of actions in tjis
very case.

Thanks Mark !

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