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From Mark van Reijn <>
Subject [Studio] New value editors developed
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2014 08:51:43 GMT
Hi all,

Directory Studio is becoming an invaluable tool for most LDAP administrators that I work with.

In the recent past I have looked at extending Studio to include value editors for certain
attributes specific to Novell / NetIQ eDirectory. 

From the source plus the information contained in
I was able to construct a set of editors, most importantly for ACLs and the eDirectory "Path”

Lately I have been looking at ways to distribute these extensions, through my own ”Extension
location”. This does not seem to function properly and the only way I have been able to
successfully add my own extensions to Studio is to simply copy the jar over to the ”plugins”

My question is: does the extension location feature work at all? 
If so, I would appreciate to get some help on using it. If not, then how can I contribute
my extensions to the main Studio development branch?



Mark van Reijn

I  D  F  o  c  u  s   b.v.
Empowering Identity

T:  +31 6 4170 7287

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