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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject [VOTE] Release of LDAP API 1.0.0-M25
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2014 16:13:38 GMT

This is a vote for the 25th milestone of the 1.0.0 LDAP API/Shared, 1.0.0-M25.

It's a bug fix release.

It contains a few bug fixes, and some new features and a better Ldap Connection Pool :

* DIRAPI-137 <> Add Control support
for  RFC 2891 - LDAP Control Extension for Server Side Sorting of Search Results
* DIRAPI-174  <>LdifReader should provide
errors wih line number <>
* DIRAPI-184  <>Supply one method in
SearchCursor to judge it has element or not. <>
* DIRAPI-201  <>Incossistent Import-Package
in <>
* DIRAPI-205  <>AliasDerefMode can't
work for API when alias entries can be search out and Server is Sun Directory Server <>
* DIRAPI-206  <>BindRequest logs exception
on valid call to setter <>
* DIRAPI-208 <> The Connection Pool
is a bit too aggressive when it comes to validate connections <>

The revision :

The SVN tag:

The source and binary distribution packages:

The staging repository:

Please cast your votes:
[ ] +1 Release Shared/LDAP API 1.0.0-M25
[ ] 0 abstain
[ ] -1 Do not release Shared/LDAP API 1.0.0-M25


Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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